Thursday, December 5, 2013

What I wear - Comfy clothes for a long day

Today was one of those days that I was not about to put on a pair of jeans but at the same time l wanted to look cute and well put together. So leggings, I had to wear leggings. Next piece of clothing that I decided on was my long, loose "relax" graphic tank top, and everything else flowed from there. It was a good day.

Two things \/

Jacket - forever 21 - $22.00
Tanktop - Marshals - $12.00
Leggings - Forever 21 - $4.00
Leg warmers - Target - $2.00
Boots - Bass outlet - $50.00
Camera bag - Jo totes - $100.00


  1. I miss your beautiful face so much. Thanks for letting me hear your voice today.

    Love ya bestieee
    Ki Bear :)

  2. Oh,love the jacket!;) gonna have to check out forever 21 in case they happen to have any around. Your new hair color is cute. If my hair was straight I think I would actually be brave enough to try that haircut out too! But since I don't have straight hair,I will just admire you rocking it!

  3. Your outfits are always so adorable, Janelle! I also really love your camera bag... to cute.

  4. hello gorgeous! Your style is just so dang good, next time you come to MN teach me your ways ;) love you babe!


  5. you are just too cute for your own good.

  6. so pretty janelle! i love your scarf. :) x

  7. Your outfit is ADORABLE!!! And you are so freaking pretty!!! Missed your posts! :)


  8. DUDE. you are so freaking gorgeous- it isn't even funny. your hair, your smile, your sense of style. basically, you just rock at life.


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